Despite signs to the contrary, the Insurance recruitment market remains vibrant with several major Insurance Providers adding numbers to their teams recently.

The insurance market in Malta is continuing to exhibit growth across a variety of product lines. This has led to several companies setting up entities on the island, increasing the demand for skilled professionals.

Insurers and brokers are looking to grow and diversify their books. As a result of this, they continue to seek experienced Underwriters and Brokers with industry knowledge and established networks.

Pricing Actuaries have a significant market value, and life assurance businesses are interested in candidates with strong reporting and variable annuity experience. Alongside this, there has been a rising demand for qualified Actuaries from consulting firms, who are continuing to build their actuarial services.

The high demand for skilled professionals has been met with increased salaries and enticing benefit packages. Companies are willing to provide prospective employees with generous relocation packages as well as flexible working hours.


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