The banking and payments sector is expected to boom over the next few months. This sector is in a good position in Malta as Brexit will most likely have a positive impact on the Maltese market. As English-speaking companies want to stay within the EU, Malta will be an attractive place for them to set up as it is one of the few English-speaking countries in Europe now that the UK will be making an exit.

Payment providers keen interest is in the gaming sector. Malta encourages payment professionals to relocate to Malta and really value their expertise and skills.

Since COVID-19 made an entrance, almost everything has shifted online. Thus, leaving this sector to boom. This sector has benefited from the pandemic causing a technical revolution to take place – this is mostly on the fintech side – banks have been affected in a negative way as traditional banking is on a decline. Salaries in the fintech sector have had a slight increase but overall has remained the same.

Companies that are hiring in this sector are gaming, fintech companies and, less seldom, banks. Candidates in this market are generally looking for a combination of IT & finance. Hiring companies typically look for candidates with strong experience in this sector – the more experience the better.

Fintech is a universal sector and international experience is highly valued, candidates with this experience see the Maltese market as a great opportunity for a work-life balance. Benefit schemes that are offered include flexitime and remote working – it is much easier to work remotely in this sector as everything can be done online – as well as bonus schemes and travel tickets. The packages offered are extensive and compelling for desirable job seekers.


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